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We make use of music therapy as a powerful tool for working with adolescents with a variety of disabilities.

boy playing a guitarAs an intervention therapy, we at Transitional Learning Academy apply rhythmic and melodic qualities of the music to motivate students to sing, play instruments, and engage in movement. A typical session may begin with a song where participants play rhythm instruments, such as maracas, rhythm sticks, or drums. Students with physical disabilities may require adaptive instruments or hand over assistance.

During a drumming activity, students can echo rhythmic patterns played by the music therapist, or each student may make up a pattern for the other students to imitate. This drumming activity can be very beneficial because students develop listening skills, learn to maintain their attention and to reproduce the sounds. Listening and attention are important skills that transfer over to other areas, such as academic learning.

Moving to their favorite music is another way in which students engage in activities to promote and maintain physical activity and mobility. Music therapy engages students in a fun and active way that helps foster their overall development.