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We at Transitional Learning Academy are dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities by helping them develop their skills, find a living, and maintain independence.

Mission Statement

woman and her son with autismTo provide our students with creative and innovative educational and social experiences that help them grow toward their full potential.

Proudly situated in Miami, Florida, we at Transitional Learning Academy offer vocational rehabilitation for persons with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Our center was established in 2005 by United Cerebral Palsy of Miami. Since our foundation, we have been teaching students ages 14 to 22 with an intense focus on the individualized transition plan.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals works hand in hand with students, parents, and other support members to assess the strengths, interests, and personal preferences of the students. The evaluation result will cater us to developing educational plans that will lead to post-secondary life goals, such as supported employment, life skills, and/or activities of daily living. In addition, we also provide assistance in identifying resources and navigating referral processes for community resources including the Agency for People with Disabilities (APD) and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Ethics Policy

All instructional personnel and school administrators espouse the worth and dignities of every person by creating a culture of helping each student reach his or her optimum learning potential. An environment of compassionate community exists.

All of our employees are responsible for both the integrity and consequences of their own actions. The highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness must be followed by each and every employee.

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